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14:44 Emain Macha
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Author Topic: Rules  (Read 61654 times)

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Offline Marck

« on: October 04, 2009, 08:33:54 AM »
1* No Blatant Advertising. - This forum is not free advertising space and is not a place to advertise your website! Please take your business elsewhere. This also goes for selling accounts!

2* No Spamming. - No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content just to get your post count up. Also, responding to a request with "no", "go away", "gtfo", etc. is considered spam AND flaming. Same thing goes for honest questions, don't post unless you have a polite, informative answer to the question.

3* No flooding the Chat. - Do not spam a message over and over again just to get someone to read it. If they do not want to read it, they must have a good reason.

4* Off-Topic Posting. - As seen in everyday conversations, topics will naturally glide off topic. This is perfectly natural. As long as it glides, and doesn't stall right out of the sky, it's alright. Just don't crash the plane, and you'll be doing well.

5* Post in the correct forum. - You will have your post moved if you post in the wrong forum. Repeated offenses will incur disciplinary action.

Requests made in the wrong forum by users with less than 10 posts will result in the thread being deleted instead of moved, and can result in disciplinary action. (see rule 24 for more info.)

6* Research your questions. - You don't want to look like an idiot when you ask something like "Where do I get this Mod?" or "How can I make this work?"

7* Use a decent topic subject. - People tend to look at topics that have educated subjects more than they do with subjects such as "HELLPPP!!!!" or "look at this".

If you make threads with such non-descript titles, they will be deleted on sight, and disciplinary action may result.

8* Flaming will not be tolerated. - This includes any material which is vulgar, defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any laws.

These offenses will always incur disciplinary action.

9* Warnings - We try to give everyone a chance. Moderators are bound to a set guide for giving out warnings. If users break the rules they will receive a warning, suspension, or ban based on the offense and the number of offenses they have already committed. Disabling the Personal Message function or not reading Personal Messages sent by moderators will not be seen as an excuse.

Some infractions will cause an instant ban of your account. This can be cases of major disrespect of the rules or other members.

10* Be nice to the other kids. - Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people. Trolling doesn't help anyone. Trolls don't like flame but neither is liked at the forums.

These offenses will always incur disciplinary action.

11* No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material. - This includes suggestive images, graphics, and comments. Also, don't post links to warez, warez sites or sites with pornographic or objectionable content. Only link to sites that are for family viewing only.

These offenses will always incur disciplinary action.

12* No Piracy. - Posting or links to discussing pirated images, movies, computer software and music is strongly prohibited.

13* Respect the privacy of others. - Do not post the phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc of others.

14* Don't use bad words. - Remember: What's okay to you may not be okay to someone else.

15* Politics and Religion. - This is not a political or religious site. Please do not post on any issue that can be considered as political as someone will always be offended.

16* Use correct grammar. - Come on, this isn't exactly a rule, but use correct grammar. Not only does this make you seem intelligent, but it makes your posts easier to read as well.

17* Do not upload viruses. - I check the most recent uploads often, and if I find something malicious to my computer, some information that is dangerous or in any way defamatory or breaches a person's right to privacy; or this forum's site, I will permaban your account.

18* Necro-posting - This is only allowed if you have some new, critical information that would benefit the Original Poster. (The Screenshots and Videos, Forum Games, as well as the Guides board are not subject to this rule, within reason.) Necroposting is posting in anything over 30 days old.

19* Signature - Don't have big, huge, or enormous signatures that interfere with forum browsing. If you would, kindly size it down to a more eye-comforting level.

20* No Posting/Uploading of gamebreaking hacks. - If you publicly host a gamebreaking modification (ex. Infinite FH teleport range, or bypasses, etc) in a board, or download, it will be deleted, and you will be disciplined.

21* Disposable/spam e-mail accounts - Any account signed up with (.mailinator.com, uggsrock.com, sogetthis.com, etc) are blocked. Please refrain from registering with emails that come from 10minutemail, etc. This is for your own safety.

22* No discussion of Glitches (By that I mean, no leveling glitches, money duping, and the like) - As before-mentioned, any discussion of glitches that can be abused, and easily get members on here banned in the game, are prohibited.

23* Don't harass the staff. - Honestly, the staff here takes a lot of time out of their already full schedules to be here keeping an eye on things. It's known that you may not always agree with their decisions, but flaming or lashing out at them shows a great disrespect, and has in the past caused many to leave, and the community suffers as a result. Therefore, any flame toward the staff can be taken as harassment, and action will be taken.

24* Making mod requests - 10 posts or more are required to make requests. Requests may only be posted in the request boards in the "Client Modifications" and "Skin Modifications" (respectively) sub-boards reserved for this purpose. Posting requests anywhere else will result in the thread being moved, or if under the required 10 posts (not including the request), deleted, and can result in disciplinary action.

The reason 10 posts are required is simple, MabiMods is a community, not Fantasy Island. (Yes, really old show, and we the staff feel old for referencing it, but we digress.) At the very least, start your adventure here by getting to know the community, introduce yourself, perhaps. You'll often find that 10 posts goes by quicker than you'd expect.

Rules specific to requests can be found in the Request boards, and are just as applicable as the rules listed on this thread.

25* Doubleposting, Tripleposting, etc. - posting multiple times in a row is considered bad forum behavior in general, especially if the purpose is merely to "bump" a thread. If no one is responding to a thread or post, give it some time, and consider that it may be for a reason. "Bumping" threads just to have it be at the top of the list will result in the posts either being merged or outright deleted, and may result in disciplinary action, and/or the thread being locked.

The exception to this rule is for mod creators posting status updates on their respective projects.