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Erinn Time 14:58
Local 01:34
Server 01:34
Moongate Prior G16 [ + / - ]
11:11 Tir Chonaill
12:22 Dunbarton
13:33 Emain Macha
14:44 Bangor
14:44 Emain Macha
16:66 Emain Macha

Ceo in days.

Price [ + / - ]
01:12 Emain Macha - Island in South Pathway
01:48 Sen Mag 5th house from West
Rua [ + / - ]
01:39 Resting
02:15 Resting


Author Topic: Client Mod Request Board Created  (Read 3665 times)

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Client Mod Request Board Created
« on: August 07, 2016, 02:51:30 AM »
Hello everyone.

To make things easier to read, less cluttered, etc. I have created a new board within the Client Modifications section specifically for requests. Go check it out, but please read the thread "How to Request a Mod" before doing anything else, as it contains vital information.

EDIT: I also created a request board in the Skin Modifications area as well, specifically for skin and animation mods. Rules for this board are similar: "How to Request a Skin Mod"
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