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The past has been a lot of testing and messing about.

This is it though.  The real deal.  The MabiMods Discord server!


You'll also notice a shiny new Discord server view on the site, along the left side. :)


04 Oct 2009 - Rules

1* No Blatant Advertising. - This forum is not free advertising space and is not a place to advertise your website! Please take your business elsewhere. This also goes for selling accounts!

2* No Spamming. - No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content just to get your post count up. Also, responding to a request with "no", "go away", "gtfo", etc. is considered spam AND flaming. Same thing goes for honest questions, don't post unless you have a polite, informative answer to the question.

3* No flooding the Chat. - Do not spam a message over and over again just to get someone to read it. If they do not want to read it, they must have a good
Quote from -Hime- on Nexon forums.

"Account Suspension


There are many reasons for account suspension. To find out the reason why your account was banned, try logging onto Mabinogi. Once you have entered you login and password, you will be prompted with a window containing a short description. I will explain the descriptions.


    * Your account has been blocked for hacking or illegal use of third-party programs.

This means your account has been caught cheating while playing our game.


    * Your account has been blocked for illicit promotion and advertising.

Advertising any website is not allowed and thus your account has been suspended appropriately.  This m
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